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One of the key factors you have to control in SEO is Anchor Text distribution. While we are not going to in depth into this subject on this post, I am going to tell you that certain platforms that are great sources for getting links use your title and description tags to generate anchor text.

So if you can’t customize these tags, you can’t control the anchor text distribution on these sights. This post will be updated when I find a good WordPress plugin for controlling meta tags.

Marketing Opportunities In The Current Do It Yourself Market

While a lot of people bemoan their ability to get their website to rank well, this is one of the easiest markets I have ever seen to get a website to rank well in. Why?

I will apologize in advance, for telling you the truth. I know this is difficult in the current climate of marketers telling people what they want to hear, however if we want to make forward progress, it is advisable to look at the facts instead of holding on to fiction.

The opportunities that are currently available are due to the fact that the web is almost entirely saturated by do it yourself web design. You see, anyone can get a free or cheap website in about five minutes if they want, however these kinds of sites almost never rank well because they are badly coded and poorly designed.

Indeed, much of what you need to do get a website to rank well you will not be able to do with these cheap sites because you will not be given access to the back end.  In other words, you will not be able to access the coding behind your site or the server on which it resides, so even if you knew what to do to increase your rankings, you wouldn’t have access to the areas you need to enter to make the changes.

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t approach me about getting their five minute website to be first in the search engines and I have to attempt to explain to them the contents of this article, which is one of the motivators for me writing it.

Bear this in mind, it is impossible to win the Indy 500 with a riding lawnmower, no matter how much money you throw into the lawnmower. It’s simply not a framework built for speed. The same is true with the majority of the cheap, free, drag and drop website builders. They were designed to let people who don’t understand coding build their own sites, unfortunately that’s about all they’re good for.

The good news is that if you can swallow your pride, be honest about your skills and  your limitations, if you’re smart enough to understand that in some areas a professional is well worth the price you pay, there are lots of opportunities to expand your business and increase your rankings.

I use the following example on a friend of mine who markets online and whose do it yourself website is just not where it needs to be. Here’s the big red flag to me, when someone tells me about their site, “It’s not that bad”. When I tell him he needs a professional site, he always begins to squirm and make excuses, so I don’t press the issue.

I once made the point that he could probably build his own airplane if he wanted to. He agreed but added that he wouldn’t want to fly in it once it was done because too much was at stake. It’s amazing to me that people who wouldn’t endanger their physical health in a do it yourself project, will endanger their financial health in one without even thinking twice about it.

Going Global, an unexpected surprise.

The techniques I’ve been using to get sites to rank well are pretty powerful, what’s even better is that they are completely white hat. I go out of my way to give Google exactly what they are looking for and it seems to be paying off. I have so many highly ranked pages that I just had to schedule some time to review it all so I could get accurate results to put into my marketing.

However here is one I was not expecting, a stroll though Google Webmaster Tools to see what keywords I’m ranking for revealed that my site is ranked at #2 on Google for the keyword phrase “appliance repair” as of August 11, 2013.

I know only my fellow geeks will get a rise out of that figure, the rest of you please consider that this is a keyword phrase that gets 823,000 searches a month. When you see the results page, you’ll see that my site is ranked #2 out of 21,100,000 (thats 21 MILLION) results. Now maybe you get why I’m so excited. More to come…here’s a screenshot as well.

+Brett Singleton

#2 out of 21 Million Results

#2 out of 21 Million Results

Attacking The Corners

It is interesting to me, as a former martial arts instructor, that a lot of the strategic principles of martial arts apply to marketing and to search engine optimization. I’m not the first person to make this observation, Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote a great book about this called Marketing Warfare in which they delve into it pretty deeply albeit from a western viewpoint.

I’m going to explain how I’m getting traffic and rankings for one of my clients, I’m doing it using an old Judo principle called “Attacking The Corners”.

Attacking the corners simply means that your force is often better applied at the edges, tips and corners of an object if you intend to move or break it. If you had a huge rock in your yard and you needed to move it across the yard, the smart thing to do is not to try and lift it, but to grab one side of it and flip it over or roll it till you got it where you wanted it.

This is currently what I’m doing in regards to SEO for this client, although a bit backwards. We initially went ahead and hit #1 for two keyword phrases, “Appliance Repair Charleston” and “Charleston Appliance Repair”. However due to the popularity of local searches and also to the fact that very little of our competition was targeting the local searches at all, that was what I decided to target next.

SEO Results

#3 on Google for “Appliance Repair Daniel Island”

The first step was just to create pages with the proper keywords to get ranked for local terms and see what ranked well naturally. In seo this is called going after the low hanging fruit, because it is pretty easy to get. Within a few weeks, all of the local search page we created were showing up on page one of the Google results, one of them “West Ashley Appliance Repair” went to #1 on Google and “Daniel Island Appliance Repair” went to #3. Even better these pages starting bringing in as many calls as the main page does.

So the lesson learned is to reach out to the edges of your market, the niches your competitors aren’t paying attention to and you’ll often find some great income producing opportunities there.

Or if this sounds a bit complicated to you, call at 843 568 5936 and we’ll take care of it for you.

Another #1 Ranking on Google

Our latest success is the #1 position for on Google for the keyword search “Charleston Appliance Repair”. What’s really amazing about this is that this site is only three months old, and the competition for this niche is high, there are a lot of people competing for this phrase. But despite all that, our site is ranked first out of approximately 500,000 results, or at least it is as of June 6th, 2013.

Now the goal is to keep it there, through disciplined link building and blogging. You see, in the modern Search Engine arena, it is not enough to just get the position, you need a plan to in place to make sure you stay there. There is an old Chinese proverb which goes..”Whatever power you use to obtain an object is the same power you must use to keep it.”. This is especially true in search engine optimization.

This is also the reason you want to use seo techniques that Google approves of, it may be harder to get top rankings when you do so, but you have a better chance of staying there that way.

Here’s the deal, Google has some of the best and brightest minds in the world working on their search engine algorithm, so even if you do find some way to manipulate the equation and make poor quality sites rank well, it is only a question of time before they become aware of it and make an adjustment that will throw out whatever manipulations you have used for SEO.

Matt Cutts of Google, one of their lead spam engineers, have stated publicly on many occasions that he regularly visits the Black Hat forums to see what the latest trends for artificially influencing page ranks are.

We use only Google approved methods to move pages and sites up in the SERP’s. That way we can sleep a little better at night knowing what we have accomplished won’t disappear overnight, our clients sleep better knowing it too.

If you’re ready to get serious about increasing your market share through organic search engine growth give us a call today at 843 568 5936.

What I love about Google!

Yes, Google can be a pain in the ass! But you know what, I kind of like it that way, it keeps all the fly by night and build my own website amateurs pushed down in the never never land of 2nd page and beyond search engine ranks.

You see, when you stop trying to hack the Google ranking process and align your efforts with what Google is trying to do, Google becomes your ally.

What is Google trying to do, what is their mission? It’s pretty simple, they want to deliver the most relevant, highest quality content to whoever uses their search and they want to do it extremely fast. When you quit trying to come up with clever tricks to make irrelevant, ugly, poor quality, slow sites rank well and concentrate on building relevant, high quality, fast sites the almighty Google takes on a new role.

Here is what I do like about Google. They don’t care about how much education I have, or how old or young I am. My race, nationality and religion don’t factor in at all. They could give a damn about my social economic background or my political views.

It doesn’t matter if I’m cool or not, I don’t have to be a good “Cultural” fit or listen to the same music as everyone else in my company. They don’t care how I’m dressed or what car I drive. I don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass or go along with the pretension that some idiot is smarter than me.

It doesn’t matter if I only eat organic foods or dine exclusively on cheeseburgers, it doesn’t matter if I recycle. It doesn’t matter if my dog follows the latest fad, costs way too much and is tiny enough to fit in a handbag or (as is the case) a half German Shepherd mix adopted from the SPCA with a cantankerous attitude who takes up the whole back seat when she goes for a ride.

What does matter is that I help them do what they do best! When I help them deliver relevant, quality information in the fastest manner possible, they reward me by putting my sites at the top of their results.

When I build relevant, high quality sites, I don’t have to worry about creating tons of fake back links, they come of their own accord. So stop trying to manipulate the process! There is an old Taoist concept of flowing with the stream, if a person swims against the current more than likely they will exhaust themselves and get nowhere. However, if they swim with the stream, they gain a power far greater than their own and go further than they ever could on their own efforts.

If you’d like someone working on your site’s SEO who is working with Google instead of against them. Call at 843 568 5936.


Page speed is another crucial factor in SEO. Google’s strategy is to deliver the most relevant content at the fastest speed. If your site takes too long to load because your coding is based on tables and inline css, you are going to be penalized in rankings. Other culprits are servers that are set up incorrectly, images that are not optimized, in fact, there are a lot of speed issues you can be penalized for.

Some seo experts believe that if you plan to get ranked in a global keyword with high competition, your site must load in under a second, although normally this is not as crucial in local competition.

How fast is your site? Luckily there are a some very good tools for measuring this. Try a few of them out.

Page speed is important for rankings and for user experience, especially for sites moving into mobile design.



Smart Phones now account for around 25% of all search engine clicks

Another key element of web design and seo is making sure your site will display on mobile. In fact, many of the larger sites are now using the “mobile first” theory advocated by Luke Wrobleski.

Mobile and Tablet technology is having a profound effect on the way people use the web and on the way websites must be structured to be friendly to those devices. If your web site is not mobile friendly, it is already driving away a certain amount of business. People surfing the web on these devices have a common reaction when they reach a page that is not optimized for their platform, they leave and start searching for a site that is. Nobody enjoys searching a desktop site from a smart phone.

There is a lot of dispute as to whether a business site should have an entirely different version of their website set up just for mobile and redirect users there, or create a responsive design (like this site) so that you only have one site to look after and can offer the full site experience to visitors no matter what platform they are on.

There has also been some speculation that Google is now giving higher ranking to sites that offer some form of mobile optimized experience.

Considering that around 25% of searches are now done for local businesses on smart phones, the wise marketer will make sure their site delivers a great experience for mobile or tablet visitors.

Visit this tool to see how your site looks on different devices such as phone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Another distinct advantage of having mobile optimized websites is that you can add one touch call buttons to them. You’ll notice one included in the top left corner of the mobile navigation on Performance Mobile Web. It’s in that position on purpose, this is the position the thumb naturally moves to when right hand people are using the phone, I want my call button right underneath their thumb.

Meta Tags



Meta-tags are lines of code that give search engines and browsers information about what your site is about and what information it contains. It should also contain information about your location, in fact there are quite a few tags you should have if you are serious about your site ranking well in search engine results.

Some meta tags will be the same on all pages of your site. Other tags, specifically the “title” and the “description” should be different on each page. If these are not different on each page, it tells Google that you are not serious about your website or ranking well in the search engines.

For more information on meta tags visit this page.

From an SEO perspective the most important tags are the…

  • Title
  • Description

Here is a website that will automatically check your meta tags.

Open a few different pages and see if the title and description tags are different on each page. If they aren’t, you are going to have problems ranking well in search engine results. Using meta-tags correctly and combining your targeted keywords with them is a crucial factor if you want to rank high in search engine results.


Links were a major part of the internet from the beginning. The internet started as a way for universities to post college thesis’s on line. The beginning of the Google search engine algorithm came from Sergey Brin’s formula for rating how authoritative a thesis was.

The criteria for this evaluation was how many times a thesis was mentioned as a reference in other peoples thesis. The reasoning goes if you’ve written some quality and authoritative material, people are going to use it as a reference.

This is the the idea behind linking. A good portion of your site’s ranking will come from how many back links, links pointing to it from other sites it has. Quantity is not the real issue however, quality is. If your links do not come from quality sites, they will work against you instead of for you.

A good tool to use to determine how many links are pointing back to your site is Backlink Watch.

Most SEO experts believe links to be one of the strongest factors in how well your site ranks.